Guide to the 1980's Disc Camera

Kindle e-book: Guide to the 1980's Disc Camera. Available from and amazon.comThis is Precinct Press's second e-book publication for Amazon's Kindle Store.

Until now there has been little information to help buyers and sellers of disc cameras especially in relation to estimating their value. This lack of information may help to explain why disc camera collecting as a hobby has never really taken off.

The aim of this guide is to help buyers and sellers decide what a disc camera is worth today and whether its value is likely to increase in the future.

The author provides an alphabetical listing of 194 cameras plus a selection of accessories and promotional items, such as the auxiliary lenses made for the first Kodak disc cameras.

This Guide to the 1980's Disc Camera brings together authoritative information from an extensive range of world-wide sources including photographic and consumer magazines from the 1980s, library archives, private collections, online auctions, used-camera dealers, manufacturers and distributors, disc camera instruction booklets, and examples of the cameras themselves.

Although disc cameras were relatively inexpensive, highly automated, lightweight and designed for ease of use, consumers failed to take to them in the way Kodak had hoped. There was widespread dissatisfaction amongst consumers over the lack of sharpness of the images caused by the scale of enlargement required from the tiny negatives. Reviews and comparative camera studies in photographic magazines also highlighted the unremarkable results from disc film. Images were often described as "acceptable" but never exceptional. However, some of the more attractive of these cameras have become highly collectable as this Guide shows.

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