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writingAs a way of helping myself to write product articles and affiliate web pages faster, for products found on and, I developed an article writing template.

The template is mainly for home and garden products but is helpful for other types of products too.

The template begins with an introduction.

Here is an excerpt:

"This product article template provides you with a stack of useful sentences and phrases that you can adapt for your own home and garden product articles. You will first need to gather facts about the product by viewing images of the item and reading descriptions and reviews at online sites like and

Everyone wants to write articles quickly and easily with minimal effort but there is no way to avoid this aspect of article writing. You must gather several facts about the product, around which the article will be written."

Article writing template

The introduction also includes a list of the facts that need to be gathered before writing begins.

The template provides 28 suggested titles which you can easily adapt for the product you are promoting. Here are some examples:

  • Facts about the Product Name
  • Finding Your Way Around the Product Name
  • Getting a Product Name
  • Have You Ever Considered a Product Name?
  • Help Finding a Product Name
There are seven suggested paragraphs and for each paragraph there are numerous suggested fill-in-the-blanks sentences. Here's an example from Paragraph 4:

Describe how to care for the item so that it continues to solve your problems over the long term. What problem does it solve? How is it cleaned? What other care features does the product have? Can you get replacement parts if necessary?

What problem/s does it solve?

The Product Name makes ... so much easier.
..... will now be so much easier than it used to be.
It improves ...
This simplifies the issue of ...
It shortens/reduces the length of time it takes to ...
It's very quiet / fast / easy to move around
It's just so much better in every way
It's head and shoulders above competing products like the ...
Given that it's so ... means it's ideal for ..."

The paragraphs proceed in a logical fashion running smoothly from one aspect of the product to another. From the above examples you can see how useful this template can be in prompting you to write informative articles about products.

This article writing template can be bought for just $5 on

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